An Important Career Finance

Industrialization, globalization, and liberal policies of government about foreign direct investment in recent years have generated tough competition between companies to maximize profits. In order to survive in highly competitive market companies needs to reduce overhead cost, pay back maximum return to investors and attract potential buyers as well as to retain them. Healthy finance is the key for growth of any individual or organization. To compete with peer group companies, in industry, one needs to put oneself up ahead of others. All this created needs of eligible finance professionals to manage finances, minimize losses and maximizes profits.

There are many paths in academics following which one can become part of finance industry. Students can pursue graduation and post graduation in finance related disciplines like accounts, commerce, business, economics, statistics etc and further start work in finance and investment sector. Another option is to obtain technical professional qualification in finance like MBA Finance or Obtain CFA Certification etc to be part of Finance industry. Entry into finance field is open to both commerce and non commerce stream students.

To start work in industry in core financial capacity like Financial Manager etc one needs at least post graduate degree in finance. MBA Finance is one such course which helps you in getting job as Financial Manager in a company. Students with post graduate degree in MBA Finance i.e. Financial Management can get work opportunities with government and public sector companies as finance officer, risk manager, insurance manager, treasures, manager finance & accounts, to name a few. Though, designations may vary according to company profile. Companies also hire financial managers as consultants who advise senior managers on various business issues. Government also receives advice from financial experts in various issues related to finance and investment.

These are professionals who provide valuable information about financial records of a company. A chartered account is called ‘watch dog’ of a company who always tries best to save the organization from possible financial hazards if crisis occurs. These professionals also helps in financial and budget and taxation planning in a great way. To start career as chartered accountant in India one needs qualification from Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI). The institute offers course Chartered Accountancy (CA) to under graduate and graduate students. CA is professional qualification as well as post graduate qualification

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