Denver Finance Jobs For Financial Analysts

Anyone preparing for Denver finance jobs as a financial examiner can expect a good amount of employment opportunities during the near future and will be compensated well.

Financial examiners are responsible for enforcing laws and ensuring compliance with regulations that govern financial and securities institutions and financial and real estate transactions. They also also may examine, verify the correctness of, and establish the authenticity of records.

Most employers require applicants for this type of position to have at least a bachelor’s degree, although this may not always be a prerequisite for hiring, while months of on-the-job training also are usually required.

Employment in the Denver area is expected to increase from 271 workers during 2009 to 299 workers by 2019, accounting for 28 additional jobs and an average annual growth rate of 1 percent, according to the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment.

The top industries that employed financial examiners in the Denver area during 2009 were:

  • Financial investment and related activity
  • Credit intermediation and related activity
  • Monetary authorities – central bank
  • Insurance carriers and related activity
  • Amusement, gambling and recreation industries
  • Utilities

During 2009, the average wage for these employees in the Denver area was $37.30 per hour or $77,579 per year, while the average entry-level wage was $26.84 per hour or $55,832 per year and the average experienced-level wage was $45.99 per hour or $95,662 per year.

If this type of work sounds interesting, but you don’t necessarily want to be a financial examiner, some related occupations include: chief executives; treasurers and controllers; branch or department financial managers; elementary and secondary school education administrators; farm products purchasing agents and buyers; accountants; budget analysts; economists; and farm and home management advisors.

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